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About Us:

Nemodar Control company was established in 2000 and started its business with
producing electrical appliances protection devices.This company expanded its
business by producing a variety of light bulbs and other electrical appliances
protection devices at different power ranges. In 1992, it could receive standard
mark for ifs electrical appliances protection products.
Since 2015, Nemoodar Control company, in order to realize ifs ideal goals and
to complete the product portfolio has been producing sockets (connectors)
and LED lamps in different power with the standard mark.
This company, by inspired of the transformational thoughts and based on
sells agants’s opinions, as well market deman, has been producing ifs produtcs
with more variety in six independent portfolios:
1- Electric appliance protector
2- Lighting lamp
3- LED lamp
4- Energy-saving lamp (menon)
5- Mobile outlet
6- Smart House
Also, this company- based on a customer-oriented approach and relying on truth
and honesty in ifs responsibility- is looking for sustainable competitive opportunities.
Now, it has a sustainable growth and continuous excellence in ifs work and try to
satisfy all dear customers.